A New Light, A New Love


ISBN: 979-882-300-6651

Published by: Author House

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 440

Arlita is branching out into the world of romantic fiction with her latest book, A New Light, a New Love.

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Alicia Connors and Anthony Royce were two strangers with something in common. They both suffered a devastating loss that left them broken and alone. The fervent and consistent prayers of a loving sister brought them together, but it was a wise, all-knowing, and loving God who helped them pick up their broken pieces.  He released them from their self-imposed prison of grief, pain, and misguided guilt.  Freeing them to find in each other the love, joy, and peace they had convinced themselves they no longer deserved and would never experience again.

He mended their broken hearts and made them whole again.  He blessed them with a new beginning, and together, they walked hand in hand, out of the darkness and into a… New Light, a New Love!

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