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Arlita Carter-Kerr lives in Loganville, GA with her new husband. She wrote her first book, Dark to Light (Living Life after Death), in 2018. It is her personal accounting of the tragic loss of her first husband, and her recovery from that loss.  It is her testimony about finding her way out of the darkness and rediscovering her light. Dark to Light won a Distinguished Authors Guild Award in 2022.  After much encouragement from her readers, she has written her first work of romantic fiction entitled, A New Light, a New Love.

A New Light, A New Love

By Arlita Carter

Alicia Connors and Anthony Royce were two strangers with something in common. They both suffered a devastating loss that left them broken and alone. The fervent and consistent prayers of a loving sister brought them together, but it was a wise, all-knowing, and loving God who helped them pick up their broken pieces.  He released them from their self-imposed prison of grief, pain, and misguided guilt.  Freeing them to find in each other the love, joy, and peace they had convinced themselves they no longer deserved and would never experience again.

He mended their broken hearts and made them whole again.  He blessed them with a new beginning, and together, they walked hand in hand, out of the darkness and into a… New Light, a New Love!


By Arlita Carter

A New Light, A New Love

By Arlita Carter

Looking for a powerful read that will tug at your heartstrings and uplift your spirits?

Meet Arlita Carter-Kerr, a Loganville-based author whose first book, Dark to Light (Living Life after Death), recounts her journey of healing after the tragic loss of her first husband. This moving memoir won the Distinguished Authors Guild Award in 2022 and has captivated readers with its message of hope and resilience. Now, Arlita is branching out into the world of romantic fiction with her latest book, A New Light, a New Love. Don’t miss the chance to discover this talented author’s work and get lost in her captivating tales!

2022 Distinguished Authors Guild Award Winner!

That Painful Revelation

Just when we were about to realize all our dreams and enjoy the fruits of our long labor, tragedy struck ending his life and our marriage.  Ten days after undergoing knee-replacement surgery my husband died from a blood clot in his lung.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997.  At the time of my diagnosis I couldn’t fathom anything more frightening or painful than hearing the doctor say those words. After surviving the cancer, I believed I’d already experience the worst life had to offer.  Sixteen years later life proved me wrong.  Nothing could compare to the pain, devastation, shock and fear I felt when the doctor informed me that the man I’d loved for half my life was gone—gone forever!  That painful revelation catapulted me into a place of darkness I was convinced I would never emerge from.  In a matter of minutes my whole life changed and I was forced to acknowledge the reality that nothing would ever be the same again.

Book Review

I loved this book! So inspiring and heartwarming. The book is about human resiliency and knowing when it’s time to move on. There’s a time to mourn, a time to cry but there always comes a time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, reflect on how you have grown, count your blessings, and turn your face toward the sunshine again.
- Kevin Young

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